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You can search through I lie lull lexl of 1 1 us book on I lie web al |_-.:. Thus , the present Editor cherishes the hope that , if the merit of his work should not prove so great as he could wish it , impartial and intelligent Men will find it a convenient Step tc better ones, and the consciousness of having performed every thing in his power to lay before the Public a commodioui Maauduction of general utility shall be his Satisfaction. a horse } cavallaccio 9 a great ugly horse 9 a house; casaccia , an ugly large house * . Tkus*lf Yora donna , a woman \ cast 9 a house \ libro 9 a book j may be formed the following augmentatives and diminutives; Donnone ^ a tall stout masculine woman Donnono , a tall strong healthful woman ' fronnaccia 9 an impudent shameless virago Donne tea , a pretty little prattling woman Donnirciuola , a~ mean- looking little woman Dtnnicina y a pretty little woman "Donnuccia , a pretty , but vulgar woman jy»nnaccione , a bold impudent stout woman Casone 9 a very large house 9 a mansion Casaccia , a large ill-contrived house i 9 we. people ; genlame 9 a great crowd of people, serve that many nouns have a natural endiug in accia 9 archy ant without being augmentative*. Di voi , of US * A net 9 ci, ne , to US 9 US JDa no 1 , Irom us P/ura/. 3, *va vi va varoo vate vano Future of the Indicative* rb rai ra re mo rete ranno Imperfect Conditional. Avendo 9 con avere, coll' avere, in avere, nell' avere , having^ in having. seive also that the augmentatives masculine often come front iinenuuns 9 as don none 9 m. from The diminutives reducible to rules 9 are formed in *«o , ef/n 9 with the variations incident to the adjectives and substantives ; as. Voi , you D/ ♦'oi , of you -4 coi , ci 9 to you Voi , vi , you 75a ? _ Eglino 9 «*.«/ 9 they J}/ /oro , of them -4 /oro 9 /or* 9 to them Loro , gli , /1 , them J9/t /oro , from them Plural. ( rei resti rebbe remrao reste rebbero 4 Sometimes, —chiefly in poetry} — I ria ria ria riamo riate riano el rebbone Preterite of the Subjunctive, Mi fsi sse ssirao ste ssero The verb essere is the only verb which does not follow this scheme; and that only in the imperfect of the indicative. El Uno , ««50 , they Di loro 9 of the m A loro 9 /oro , to them Xoro 9 te t them Dx loro , from them. Conjugation of the Auxiliary Verb avere, to have, INFINITIVE.

Abbi or abbia tu , have Ihou : abbia egli 9 let him have', abbiamo noi 9 let us have $ abbiate voi , have ye ; abbiano eglino , let them have* Conjugation of the Auxiliary vera essere 9 to be* INFINITIVE.

That when we have ho avuto t it is easy to add hai avuto , ha avuto , ab~ hiamo avuto , avete avuto , hanno avuto , etc.

— I shall or will have had, l Avrd, avrai , avra: avremo , avrete , avranno. (*) We likewise say vo , vi 9 va , and perhaps*** should be preferred to va , as it distinguishes the first person from the third , but custom ^a* pre vailed , and pa is now commonly used instead of ¥•% ITALIAN TONGUE.

Vfc% tiwjjasjff in tk§ epdi D, I XXXV ACCIDENCE OF THE a.

As the persons who apply to the Italian tongue, have commonly begun already to learn either the French, the Latin, or their own language by rules , we suppose them able to conjugate an English verb, therefore we have inserted the first person singular only, for the sake of brevity , and the neatness of the tables. For the same reason we give the first person singular only of the compound tenses, as they are merely the repetition of the verbs avere or essere , with the participle past of any verb. There are tour tenses in all verbs, whether regular or irregu« lar , which have the same termination.

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