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Future developments may include putting the Vatican Library online, and the promotion of interactive directories for many of the world's dioceses.Of special interest to readers in the United States is the Vatican News Service in English, which may be read daily at: Contacts for the Vatican Web Site: [email protected] [email protected] PCN. THE NCCB/USCC HOME PAGE: NCCB/USCC have done a wonderful job of putting much of their organizational infrastucture online on a clear and easily navigatible site. THE CATHOLIC NEWS SERVICE: hosting on American Online for the last year, the Catholic News Service decided to create its own page on the World Wide Web.To add your own E-mail address or Web Site to the directory, send it to John Okerbloom at: [email protected] 8.CHRIST IN THE DESERT MONASTERY in the Desert Monastery has been provding quality web site design to Catholic organizations since early 1995.Beginning July 1, 1997 the Catholic News began to switch its photo transfers to the Internet, spurring many Catholic diocesan newspaper editors forward towards obtaining safe and secure Internet access for their own offices. Lorsung, Director and Editor-in-Chief: [email protected], Jim Lackey, General News Editor: JLackey [email protected]" 4.

The monastery has also served as a designer and consultant in the cration of the Vatican Web Site.24,000), public policy and legislative updates, special programs information (NCEA Seton Awards Program and the Gateway To The Future Program), a 1997 events calendar, a section on seminary education, and elementary, secondary, and higher education pages.The NCEA also publishes an electronic newsletter for its elementary school coordinators at more information on the site, contact: [email protected] a move announced in the summer of 1997, Christ in the Desert has teamed up with a company to form a web design group at Brother Aquinas of Christ in the Desert Monastery may be contacted at [email protected]

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