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Unfortunately, IE still warns people when downloading or trying to run the installer– even though it’s clearly properly signed.Maybe MS will eventually change their mind, and realize I’m not such a bad guy after all…In the article I read, the author asserted that the only way to drive word-of-mouth advertising for your product or service, was to provide exceptional value– more value than what a consumer would typically expect in such a product or service.This absolutely is true– I find myself spreading the word about products or services that I’m incredibly impressed by.

After looking, I eventually found a list of these, but it wasn’t formatted very nicely for use in programming, so I formatted it and I’m providing the list here– you can easily copy/paste this list into a text file for programmatic use.

many of my servers use the same credentials, so I can set the credentials at the group level, instead of the server level).

The GUI is a little dated, but still fully functional.

id=21101 I recently got a new laptop with Windows 8.

I’ve been trying to not hate the removal of my start menu too much.

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