Logmein updating service packs

This extension will have the service set to Automatic unless the operating system is Windows 10.

As a result, you have much faster reconnection to your clients after a reboot.

Desktop Central, in addition to Windows Patch Management, also supports installation of Service Packs (SP) for Windows Operating systems (XP, Vista, 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8 etc.) and Applications.

The delayed start configuration is usually used for programs that don’t need to start immediately but need to start with the computer, so the delay allows startup/login to continue with less competition.

The problem is that this Delayed start can introduce a 5-10 minute delay before the service starts up.

Deploying Service Packs (SP) using Desktop Central is a four step process: Scan and identify the missing Service Packs, Download the required service packs, define, and deploy the configuration.

As a first step, you can scan your network for the missing service packs, then the missing service packs are downloaded and stored locally, which can be installed on to the systems.

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