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Waugh, Brierley, Oliver Ormerod, Samuel Laycock, Miss Lahee, J. Staton, Tralford Clegg and other writers have done much to illustrate the character and habits of the people of the County Palatine in their Sketches, Stories and Songs.We owe ungrudging thanks to the writers in the vernacular for the treasures with which, during the last thirty or forty years, they have adorned our Lancashire literature; for the rich legacy they have left us; for having taught us so much of homely wisdom in the quaint tongue of our people, and opened up to us in wider measure than we previously knew, the bright commonsense and humour that are enshrined in their hearts.The old barriers of time and distance have been obliterated.

The present collection by no means exhausts the number of good stories that are to be found on Lancashire soil.All the material was in existence before, but it needed the cunning hand of the master to make literature of it; to weave up the warp and woof, and present them to us in an embodied form.A good deal of the humour of our Lancashire writers is of the rollicking kind, no doubt. Brown did not shrink from using the speech of the common people around him if haply he could reach their understandings and their hearts. Not the superfine man, not the cultured man, only, but the man as we encounter him in our daily walk ― Hodge in homespun as well as de Vere in velvet. But he was wise as well as learned, and his poetry, not less than his Letters, will give him a place among the immortals, just as the dialect poems of Edwin Waugh will give him a like place.

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