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Please click on the relevant icons of the Analytical Index or Choronologial Index.Search The search facility is available in both Maltese and English.Around the time of 3500 BCE, these people built some of the oldest existing free-standing structures in the world in the form of the megalithic Ġgantija temples on Gozo; The temples have distinctive architecture, typically a complex trefoil design, and were used from 4000 to 2500 BCE.Animal bones and a knife found behind a removable altar stone suggest that temple rituals included animal sacrifice.Amendments to existing legislation approved by the House of Representatives are integrated within the original text, once they come into force, so that the displayed text is the current version of the legislation.The date of the latest version is displayed at the top of this page.

The website primarily offers the following services: Chapters of the Laws of Malta This page includes all the principal legislation currently in force, regularly updated with amendments and new legislation approved by the House of Representatives.Pottery from the Għar Dalam phase is similar to pottery found in Agrigento, Sicily.A culture of megalithis temple builders then either supplanted or arose from this early period.Tentative information suggests that the sacrifices were made to the goddess of fertility, whose statue is now in the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta.The culture apparently disappeared from the Maltese Islands around 2500 BC.

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