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Novak warns her, that if she does't take the plea, she'll have no other option than to take her to trial where Scott is being transported from Rikers Island to testify against her.

However, Cassandra/Denise refuse saying that she can't go to court and be accused of something that she didn't do.

But, Novak realized that she's about reach at the age of 30 and it's about time to let Cassandra/Denise grow up like a mature adult should be; but, she will give a second chance of providing her some counseling.But, he refuses to believe it, because he believes that Scott suffered from rape trauma syndrome which was the reason that Riley is dead whether to press charges against her or not.Cassandra/Denise is placed into a shelter, because she was removed from school and foster care; then, she was confronted by Novak feeling deceive telling her that she needs to take the plea.But, Novak told her that the sentence for rape three is one and half to three years and will only offer probation, if she takes the deal; but, Cassandra/Denise proves that she is not a grown adult or a woman.But, Novak looks at her without sympathy and still feeling deceived of who she is.

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