Marraige dating

He thinks that your “I’m waiting till marriage” stance is just a phase, or something you have said to play hard to get — nothing his charm and personality can’t alter. He can be tricky to deal with and will hide his motives very well.He may manage to lead you on for a very long time and after a while of getting nowhere, this previously confident fellow will suddenly realise that you were serious and in which case he can, therefore, no longer be bothered with the chase.In my experience, guys’ reactions all fall within one of these five ranges. ” Then he runs a mile away, cuts off all contact, and avoids you like the plague.You should realise that he really isn’t worth any of your time if you aren’t worth any of his.It is a belief and a strong thing you strive to achieve-it is clear from this that he doesn’t truly understand your own motives.

You have that experience under your belt and now you will find it easier to recognise guys that are leading you on. It is possible that he has hurt you and made you feel worthless-always remember that you are not worthless.

You can tell from his reaction that he was much more interested in sex than in any kind of emotional connection.

This often represents immaturity (and/or shallowness) on his part.

You’re not just a body that can be used for his entertainment and pleasure. You’re a human being who deserves the time and effort to be spoken to and loved for who you are — he is the one who will be missing out on the opportunity to be with someone a lot more special than most others. He’ll run away and find lots of casual sex partners of varying quality, and then one day, when he’s older, he will start craving emotional connection.

But that deeper side of him will be so under-developed that he’ll stumble awkwardly through relationships and marriage.

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