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I'd recommend him because he always is willing to lend a hand to help out a person, whether he knows them or not. I like my clutter and he just doesn't understand that. Our relationship probably would have turned to marriage, however, he developed a rare form of Cancer and passed away. I have my way of knowing how he's feeling about something. I like the fact the he is very determine but sometimes he doesn't realize that I am human and a Libra female too so I need that attention from him. Initiating sex with my cap is sooooooo slow but then WHOA! But it wasn't all bad we had some great times, just not enough of them .

Its nice to see a man help an old lady get something off a shelf because she can't reach. But that is about as bad as he gets and he is one in a million. One was born in January and the other was born Dec. My January Capricorn was the one who I met in my early twenties. He had a day job in the aerospace industry and ran a band in the evenings and weekends. He was social (contrary to the homebody reputation). Its hard not to linger but I am trying my hardest not to. I wanna build a friend ship as well as a romantic one. I wont get into are break-up, it was horrible, but I will say the reason we are not together is because for the first time I refuse to crawl back, begging, pleading, writing letters etc.

He likes to play video games and I like to read and we respect each others need and time for those things. It has happened in places I would not even do it in if I wasn't riled up. I feel like I am riding a roller coaster dating this Capri, but there is just something about him that keeps me wanting him. We both busy well mainly him so we don't have sex that much which is fine with me. I do thank god for one thing, we never moved in together, that would of lasted all of 5 min.

It's always a lot of teasing before hand, which makes it more exciting and explosive. Yes, there have been rough spots where he has done some things that were inappropriate, but I believe in giving people a second chance. We also both loved football and basketball and attended season games. The only thing I don't like about him is that he doesn't express his self to me, but I think that comes with time. Which would of probably saved myself 8 years of heartache.

Probably the only thing we really agree on is that we both love music, but even the variety of music often varies greatly.

He has matured in the past few years and that makes things a little easier.

He tends to be a big kid and while that is okay in certain instances, there comes a time when you have to an adult and take care of your responsibilities.

we laugh together so much and talk about a future together .... he doesn't like me to have fun as I am a very social being.. He is very controlling needs to have his own way .. He can be boring at times always wants to stay home if his not out working. next minute he gets in his stupid moods and like I don't even exist!! I been with him for almost 4 years now and we are planning on marriage after I get my degree. The thing is I love them too so I make it interesting.. Yes they are very hard workers and I'm willing to work but I can be extremely lazy.

we both are falling in love very fast and it feels so right like we've been together for along time . Well I suppose It depends on what kind of Libra you are versus what kind of Capricorn you are. If you want to get them away from the video games use your body. But he helps me with that, in a way he helps me become a better person.

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