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DSLs can be a useful tool in the box for specific tasks though.High-level is good in general, at least to get started – don't try to do your business plans in assembler.Microsoft's Multiplan (1981) improved on Visi Calc in some ways, but did not gain much traction against it.Though Lotus 1-2-3 was still heavily in use on trading desks when I arrived in the City in the '90s, and had quickly overtaken Visi Calc sales on release in 1983, all was not well.There's little that Excel did that I cannot accomplish with one of the dodgy Google/Libre duo, and I can easily import and export "Excel" formats to/from them to email sheets around.With Google Sheets I can also work collaboratively in real time with colleagues at the next desk or in another country, and I do so regularly.

Disclaimer: All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed.

Note to both of you Apple-non-fanbois out there, there was no V1.x for Windows: Excel was first released for the Mac.

When ported to Windows 2.x the versions for both OSes were synced at 2.0.

business modelling, field data collection, data charting, and even live trading in the City, but like all good tools they can be used badly.

Fumble-fingered formulae and worse references than a fraudster applying to run a bank.

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