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About 50,000 Jews attended the sessions last year, said Sharansky, a former Soviet dissident who “made aliyah” in 1986. The Jewish Agency said calls to its French call center had spiked in recent days, but visitors to Sunday’s information fair said they did not come because of last week’s attacks.

“We’ve been thinking this over for the past four years and still can’t decide,” said a woman afraid to go to her work at a Jewish crèche after being insulted and spat on in the street.

(CNSNews.com) – The appearance of a video Sunday purporting to show Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) jihadists beheading 21 Egyptian Christians abducted in Libya comes just days after the terrorist group’s propaganda publication called for the murder of “Coptic crusaders” everywhere.

“It is important for Muslims everywhere to know that there is no doubt in the great reward to be found on Judgment Day for those who spill the blood of these Coptic crusaders wherever they may be found ...” The article, which was accompanied by photos that appear to be stills from the mass beheading video, appeared in the 83-page, seventh issue of the publication Dabiq, which appeared online on Thursday.

“It would be easier to live as a Jew there, but they have terrorism too,” said psychologist Yakov Kowarski, 59, who hides his kippa under a cloth cap.

“HUGE POTENTIAL” FOR EMIGRATION France became the world’s leading country for migrants to Israel last year with about 7,000 departures, more than double those in 2013.

The paintings, together with beautiful mountains and rivers, form a magnificent natural spectacle and cultural landscape.

” The flip side of aliyah is that an estimated 20 percent of French migrants return within five years.

Some richer businessmen opt for “Boeing aliyah”, moving families to Israel but keeping jobs in France and commuting at weekends.

The Islamic State beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians over the weekend, propping the severed heads on the victims’ backs, a barbaric slaughter that led Reverend Franklin Graham to ask, “Can you imagine the outcry if 21 Muslims had been beheaded by Christians? “Where is the universal condemnation by Muslim leaders around the world?

” “Where is the universal condemnation by Muslim leaders around the world? The brutal killing of the 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians, who had been abducted in Libya by members of the Islamic State, was videotaped and the entire death film was posted online on Sunday, Feb. It is entitled, “A Message Signed With Blood, To The Nation of the Cross.” In a Facebook post on Feb. Graham, who heads the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said, “The militant Islamic terrorist group ISIS has released a video called A MESSAGE SIGNED WITH BLOOD TO THE NATION OF THE CROSS showing the beheadings of the 21 Egyptian Christians who had been kidnapped in Libya.” “Can you imagine the outcry if 21 Muslims had been beheaded by Christians? ” “As we mourn with the families of those 21 martyrs, we’d better take this warning seriously as these acts of terror will only spread throughout Europe and the United States,” warned Rev. “If this concerns you like it does me, share this,” he said.

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