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But Beeb insiders say that will have to change after he took the FIFA shilling as their World Cup draw host.Most media accreditation centres for major sports events are housed in makeshift tents or portacabins.It means that FIFA, who declared a loss of £289million in 2016, will post another considerable loss this year.But FIFA, who do very well in a World Cup year, are confident they can recoup all their losses in 2018 — with TV rights elsewhere having been profitable.This post–World War II era, underwritten primarily by the strength of the United States, also gave rise to the greatest period of prosperity in history and witnessed countries rebuild from war or emerge from colonialism to become vibrant and viable nation-states.

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They deliver decision advantage to warfighters, defense planners, the defense acquisition community, and policymakers.

DIA’s men and women—uniformed and civilian—know they have a unique responsibility to the American people and take great pride in their dedication and analytic integrity.

I am privileged to serve with them and present their analysis to you.

This Statement for the Record is organized regionally, followed by transnational issues.

Taken together, they reflect the diversity, scope, and complexity of today’s challenges to our national security.

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