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d08 CODE MODULES - Firmware and software versions d09 MEMORY CONFIG - RAM information d10 KEYPAD/LED d11 INTERFACE STATUS - Information about I/O port status (installed or not) d12 USER SETTINGS STATUS - Information about user selected settings for the box, including video output d13 PVR/HDD STATUS - PVR information including current and max temperature, and details about hard drive space and partition allocation d14 DOCSIS - DOCSIS Cable Modem Info (NOTE: Disabled) d15 APPLICATION SPECIFIC INFORMATION - Video On Demand Server Name (SEAVOD1) and IP (1.45) d16 INTERACTIVE STATUS - More cable modem information E EXIT You can control various settings of the 6412 including settings for DVI/HDMI and Component outputs, digital audio output, close captioning, etc.

This is a better alternative to changing hardware settings than the User Settings Page described below.

The FF/REW basically don't work anymore and you need to reboot the box to regain proper functionality.

Also, firewire capture via Cap DVHS appears to be somewhat less stable than before with the newer (12.27) firmware.

d01 GENERAL STATUS d02 PURCHASE STATUS d03 OOB STATUS - Tuner inside the 6412 that interprets signal levels sent from the headend d04 INBAND STATUS - Information about both tuners (only relevant for digital channels).

SNR = Signal to Noise ratio - the higher this number the better AGC = Automatic Gain Control - the lower this number the better.

d07 UPSTREAM MODEM - Internal cable modem upload signal readings (used for PPV, VOD, etc.) If there is no return path to the headend this page will indicate a problem.WORKAROUND FIX Tune to the "black" channel(s) and then tune to a different channel and then tune back again. DESCRIPTION Unit does not record a first-run episode of a show presumably thinking that it was a repeat.WORKAROUND Don't mark any repeat recordings as first-run only.This method provides feedback of what you are doing on the 6412 front panel LED in case you are doing it "blind" (video not displaying on your TV).Though it's in the Passport Manual not many people can find the menus for setting up manual recordings - recordings the old fashioned way by time and channel.

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