Mount etna dating

One of the most consistently active volcanoes in the world, Sicily’s Mount Etna has a historical record of eruptions dating back to 1500 BC.

This astronaut photograph captures plumes of steam and possibly ash originating from summit craters on the mountain: the Northeast Crater and Central Crater, which includes two secondary craters (Voragine and Bocca Nuova).

Much of Etna’s surface consists of generations of dark, basaltic lava flows that extended outwards from the summit craters.

Fertile soils developed on older flows are marked by green vegetation.

In that image, the blue-white pixels on the volcano’s north slope are snow.

The dark brown and black pixels radiating out away from Etna’s caldera are exposed rock surfaces from previous lava flows.

The remaining 400 m (1,200 feet) at its top is a stratovolcano made from several vents that have coalesced.For this reason a program of radio-isotopic dating applying the Ar incremental heating technique to date the groundmass of basaltic samples has been carried out from 2002.Forty samples (22 of which are of new publication) were collected from key outcrops on Etna volcano, selected on the basis of their stratigraphic position, while one sample was collected from the Hyblean plateau volcanics.There is evidence of larger eruptive events as well.The Valle del Bove to the south-southeast of the summit is a caldera formed by the emptying of a subsurface magma chamber during a large eruptive event.

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