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The group only recruited people if they came with a reference from one of the members.In fact, Nazim and the other arrested accused had also been recruited in this manner.“He had in fact told them that he was going to commit suicide, but they thought he was joking,” said Valia.The Blue Whale challenge is difficult to track and hunt down.Developers of the game, using their servers in China or Russia and through chat groups or gaming forums, circulate the link amongst the teenagers who are already suffering from suicidal tendencies and brainwash them into harming themselves and take their life,” said Mukhi.When asked how teenagers are able to download the game or access it through social media, experts said that their familiarity with foreign gamers and international chat forums is what makes them vulnerable.DSP Anup Kumar from the UP ATS said, "Abu was acting as a radicalising agent, spreading literature that he would download from You Tube channels run by IS.He also appealed to IS sympathisers that even if they didn't have the courage to fight, they could still donate money for the fighters." Abu used most of his own money for IS operations, including four trips to India between 20.

Milking cash cows Even from all the way from Saudi, Abu would manage to bring in the two most important things the IS module needed — new recruits and more money.There is nothing much the government or police can do to stop the spread of the Blue Whale challenge, said gamers and IT experts.Moreover, since the players share their personal phone numbers and email addresses, the developers keep using different psychological tactics to get them back by sending mails and messages.“There are people I know who learnt Chinese because they want to download latest movies,” Mukhi added.This is the collection of real indian sex and porn videos, collected all over the internet.

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