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The order of succession to the throne was never established.In 2002 Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat declared Phillipp von Hessen, the great grandson of Friedrich Karl, as the current heir of throne.The Chilean invasion resulted in Tounens' capture and deportation.The last pretender was Jean-Michel Parasiliti di Para, since January 9, 2014 to December 16, 2017.He renounced this throne two months later, without ever having taken up the position, and Finland subsequently adopted a republican constitution.For this reason, there is a dispute as to whether the House of Hesse may lay claim to this title, as many maintain that since the king-elect was never installed, the title was never officially bestowed, and thus no claim has any legal basis.

On the three laws on the crown of King Zvonimir were passed, which put the sovereignty of the state on the newly created crown, which made the country a kingdom.

In 1918, following Finland's independence from Russia, the national parliament made an attempt to establish a monarchy under the reign of a German king.

Prince Friedrich Karl, of the House of Hesse, was elected as King of Finland in October 1918.

Aimone formally renounced all claims in October 1943.

Since his death on 29 January 1948, his eldest son Amedeo may be argued to be the heir to that throne.

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