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24, 1920, in order to safeguard the existence of our nation.The same as in these years, the apparently contradictory factor in the cooperation of such extreme forces was only the expression of a unique desire of a common instigator and profiteer.Who dares to deny that even the strongest will power would not have sufficed to defy this devilish coalition threatening us today without Germany's successful material rearmament after the National Socialist revolution?Nobody but the foolish bourgeois can believe that the flood from the east would not have come if Germany had met it with theoretical international laws instead of guns, tanks and planes.Their misguided representatives believe that they can come to terms with the devil in the hope of outwitting him.It is a horrid repetition of what once happened in Germany, but on a global scale.But just as we formerly overcame the narrow-minded party particularism and knocked down the bolshevist opponent in order to create a National Socialist people's state, we shall today win a victory over the medley of bourgeois democratic state conceptions and we will crown this victory by the annihilation of bolshevism.Just as once all the compromising bourgeois parties were swept away by the Bolshevist flood, so today all bourgeois States are disappearing.

Right itself is nothing but the duty to defend the life entrusted to us by the Creator of the world. Whether this self-preservation will be successful depends solely on the greatness of our efforts and on willingness to make any sacrifice to preserve this life for the future.

If the German-people today possessed only a part of the former weakness, it would have ceased to exist long ago. 24, 1920, will later be regarded as a great milestone in the history of mankind.

Without German National Socialist reconstruction, there would be neither a German Empire nor a German people today.

Today there exists an unshakable community of the people.

If the former Germany had possessed only a small fraction of the power of resistance inspiring the Germany of today, she would not have capitulated.

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