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Regnery II, shown in a documentary by The Atlantic, have been instrumental in pushing white nationalism into the spotlight.

In 2011, Regnery made Spencer the director of his white nationalist think tank, the National Policy Institute.

He began consorting with Ku Klux Klan apologists, Holocaust deniers, eugenics boosters and immigration foes.

He set up two white nationalist nonprofits and steered money into them. Through his family’s famed conservative publishing house, Regnery had been on a first-name basis with the cream of the Republican establishment.

He has provided substantial donations and big-picture advice, Spencer said. “I don’t think I would do a big thing without consulting him,” Spencer said. But in public, he has expressed delight with Spencer for leveraging Trump’s election to obtain a flood of media attention for his extremist views.

As Regnery told white nationalists at the Washington, D.

After World War II, Regnery’s uncle, Henry Regnery, made the family a power in GOP politics through his publishing house, which was subsidized by inherited wealth.

He printed the works of writers whom he called “giants of American conservatism:” William F. (“God and Man at Yale”), Russell Kirk (“The Conservative Mind”) and Robert Welch, co-founder of the John Birch Society.

In 2014, they planned to convene what they called a European Congress of the white nationalist movement.Regnery, Spencer and Jared Taylor, the self-described “racialist” editor of a white nationalist website, were scheduled to speak.Joining the Americans on the podium would be a Russian fascist known as “Putin’s brain” – Alexander Dugin, an adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin.Regnery books – anti-communist, anti-big government and pro-business – helped define what it meant to be a Republican in postwar America.Upon his death in 1996, he was eulogized as “the godfather of modern conservatism.” William Regnery II’s cousin, Alfred Regnery, was an official in the Reagan administration’s Justice Department, then became president of Regnery Publishing.

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