Network validating identity stuck

I can see there’s a session cookie for Edge Access Cookie that WAP issues but this seems to be entirely undocumented at present.

] I think edge server role is not installed as during setup it stuck at 0%.

Then try to remove exchange using setup /mode:uninstall /IAccept Exchange Server Lice We Will try last thing else you can proceed as you think.

I think you have installed ADAM role on server B which is required for edge server RR and should not present if mailbox server role is installed So just uninstall ADAM from server B than check if exchange server is working or no.

See "get-help about_Command_Precedence" for more details. PS C:\Windows\ADAMil.exe: list instances Instance Name: MSExchange Long Name: MSExchange LDAP Port: 50389 SSL Port: 50636 Install folder: C:\Windows\ Database file: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Transport Roles\ Un Install-Windows Feature ADLDS Success Restart Needed Exit Code Feature Result ------- -------------- --------- -------------- True Yes Success Rest... WARNING: You must restart this server to finish the removal process. It came back up and is showing the services starting and stopping.

Now the Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Service is missing. I tried to launch exchange setup again hoping that now that ADAM is uninstalled I could reinstall or see options but it still gives that incomplete error.

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