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A few of these are now protected by the Denkmalschutz (de) designation; that is, they are listed as historical monuments.Of particular importance for the region before World War II were the East Harbor, Osthafen (de), opened in 1913 with extensive storage facilities for grains and other goods, as well as the Eierkühlhaus (egg cold-storage warehouse) and the Eisfabrik (ice factory).Among the first development projects to be completed in the Mediaspree-region after the fall of the Berlin Wall were: the Treptowers (de), the headquarters at the Schillingbrücke bridge, as well as the renovation of the Eierkühlhaus into the German headquarters for Universal Music, which received 10 Million Euros worth of sponsorship funding from the Senate and was completed in the middle of 2002.In early 2004, there followed the similarly subsidized settlement of MTV Networks Germany in a former warehouse at Osthafen.The planning for individual building projects lies with property owners, investors, and the borough (in particular, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg). It arose from a private sector initiative as a consortium of different interest groups: investors from the building and construction industry, property owners that, after the Wende (i.e., the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany), had acquired the previously unused land around the path of the Berlin Wall, as well as representatives from the Senate, Borough, and Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK: Industrie- und Handelskammer). Its duties are now fulfilled by a property association, recently constituted, which nonetheless still operates under the name Mediaspree.The borough of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg was not in charge, but rather a partner in the context of a Public-Private Partnership. had 21 members in 2008, including the Anschutz Entertainment Group, Behala (a dock and storage company), Berlin's waste management agency, Deutsche Post Property Development, GASAG, IVG Real Estate and TLG Real Estate. The project extends along a 3.7-kilometre-long (2.3 mi), 180-hectare (440-acre) space on both sides of the Spree riverfront, on the borders of four districts: Mitte, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg und Alt-Treptow.On the GDR side, portions of the industrial buildings were transformed into watchtowers for border security.

In contrast, as-yet unfinished projects include Spree Urban and Spreeport, the Columbus-Haus, the development of the area around Postbahnhof (the postal train station, de), the Anschutz site, BSR's Quartier in Orange, the prospective fashion house Labels 2, a planned yacht harbor, the Neuen Spreespeicher ("New" Granary on the Spree), and the renovation of the Eisfabrik (de).Many unused properties were bought up by investors.One decisive development began in 2002 with the passage of a land development plan through the Berlin Senate and the advancement of the "Mediaspree" project.For recreational purposes, Mediaspree has planned a 10m (33 ft) wider riverfront strip and a "Park on the Spree," as well as small pocket parks between the Spree and Stralauer Allee around the East Side Gallery.Furthermore, footpaths and bicycle paths are slated to be built on both sides of the river.

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