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They often had to pay far more than they could afford for the care they needed.

Or they were surprised to learn that their health insurance did not cover the costs of cancer screenings, treatments, or follow-up care.

Then she was diagnosed with stage IV cancer of the small intestine.

The Brodricks spent their life savings on what treatment they could afford, but Sharon didn’t get all the care she needed and she died of the disease.

People with cancer often were afraid of losing their health coverage if they lost their job.

They worried about having their coverage canceled if they got sick, or they faced limits on the amount of care their health plan would cover.

The new health care law can help save lives from cancer.

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The health care law prevents insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, so people like Dan won’t lose loved ones because they couldn’t get the care they needed.Patient profile: Dan Brodrick When Dan Brodrick of Gainesboro, Tennessee, lost his job, he and his wife, Sharon, lost their health insurance.Sharon applied for coverage but was denied repeatedly because of a pre-existing condition.The health care law requires plans to cover proven preventive care, such as screening for mammograms and colonoscopies.It also makes preventive care free to patients in new health plans, in Medicare, or who are newly eligible for Medicaid.

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