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Particularly in Saxony, there are strict rules about when stores can remain open.Most businesses are closed in the evenings and all day on Sunday.I still got as much done as usual, but I felt much happier and less burned out. The streets are so crazy and the lights so uncoordinated that you’ll die of old age waiting for the crosswalk.When I moved to Germany, I took this attitude with me but quickly found that it was not a universally acceptable behavior.

Especially in the former East, , or free body culture, is an important part of German identity.Confused but not discouraged, I continued trying to work my charms on my new friends.One morning, I passed Roger, the department’s statistician.Eventually sensing my discomfort, Roger paused and gave me a blank look.“Well, you asked,” he muttered, rolling his eyes before continuing down the hall to his office.

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