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Senthil tells her the truth about Ram, that there were two sides to him.

After Janani had told him she was leaving for America, the same night his best friend Kumaran had also planned to leave for Singapore.

He begins to follow her around with his friends Senthil and Kumaran.

When Janani reciprocates his love, she is stopped by her poor family.

For the body to feel balanced, the brain requires input from the inner ear, eyes, muscles, and joints. One of the most common causes of dizziness is inner ear disorders.

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Dizziness changes your sense of balance and can increase your risk of falling. Vestibular nerve: vestibular neuritis and acoustic neuroma.This idiopathic balance disturbance is often mistaken for a stroke!In any case, if your car-weary canine is going on a long journey, it’s recommended that you speak with a vet about Dimenhydrinate. 2-4 milligrams of Dramamine per pound of body weight is okay for most dogs, but do not administer more than 3 times daily. It comes in the original formula, Non-Drowsy Naturals, chewables form as well as a kids version.That technique is obviously preferred to an antiemetic like Dramamine. In reasonable amounts, it has properties that relieve nausea.Our neighbors got special car seats that are designed specifically for dogs. Try skipping the Dramamine and, instead, withhold food for at least 8 hours prior to travel. Observe how your dog does under different variables such as these.

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