Okcupid dating persona manchild

I'm totally aware of the hypocrisy in that, but I can't really help it." It almost seems like a brash move, doesn't it?

How could I leave out such a crucial part of my day-to-day life?

Maybe I shouldn't list games as an interest at all.You'd figure I'd be better off if someone was quick to judge me like that, but it's not like I don't use OKCupid that way myself. Like I said earlier, it's hilariously easy to stop considering someone just because they worded something wrong, because they like something you don't like -- any number of completely arbitrary reasons, really.While I've not had any luck, at least a couple of my friends have had good experiences on services like OKCupid because they listed games as an interest.This message somehow managed to capture just about every awful possible element of an OKCupid suitor.Here's the thing: a lot of messages that I've personally gotten tend to hit similar notes...

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