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Aims:• To explore the effects and reactions to change when communication is limited.Group Size: This module is suitable for use with groups of almost any size.Notes: Working in partnership with Trainers' Library members, Voices for Trainers ( we've added a professional recording of the story, which can really add to the experience.The recording can be downloaded and played as an MP3 file on any compatible equipment, including, for example, a laptop or i Pod.Notes: Avoid the temptation to brief this exercise in any way.The powerful exercise brings to life how easy it is to make stereotypes and then generates powerful discussion around how this happens in the workplace and the impact it has.thamarai selvi: kuranchathu 4 allathu 5 thamarai selvi: fanch megapower tablet potu panuga male : athu enna tablet?thamarai selvi: remba neram vindhu varathu kuraichathu 30 minitues kalichithan vinthu out agum thamarai selvi: i think u r busy so bye thamarai selvi: meet u later male : ohhhhh male : thanniya un pundai vitttu adipanugala?

thamarai selvi: no i dont allow them thamarai selvi: yen husbandoda thambiya mattum allou panuven BUZZ!!!

It worked so well and really highlighted to the participants the importance of sharing information and communicating effectively.

However, if you are going to read the story to your group rather than use the recording, we suggest that you rehearse it a few times prior to delivery.

thamarai selvi: u r so slow male : enna reasson male : avanugala pundai vittu adikka vida mattiya?

thamarai selvi: remba slowa answer panureenga thamarai selvi: condoms potu adipanga male : ok thamarai selvi: thani varum pothu condomsa authutu thopulla thaniya adipanunga male : so thanni un pundai kulle vida matangala?

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