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When he released his Biological Passport data he stressed that he had never tested positive but quickly made a further statement, adding that he’d never doped.When asked categorically if he had ever taken performance enhancing drugs or infused his own blood, he told : “No, I have never doped.Now I know that in cycling that this is a phrase many people have used in the past but inside I’m relaxed with that term.But this case, it’s not just about me now, it’s almost political because of the media stories and what it represents.And riders go to altitude and if you organise that well you can see your levels rise up during a race. Look at some other rider profiles because they also went up, sometimes more.

I was young and some people told me to go to him for training because he was the best.I’m the first to admit that it’s stupid because I’d prefer to finish second for 15 years than have a cloud hanging over me.Even if I’m banned, even if I’m beaten I know that my conscious is clear because I’ve not doped.Kreuziger's defence relies on his claim that he used the substitute hormone L-Thyroxine as treatment for an under-active thyroid and this affected his blood values.L-Thyroxine is not on the WADA banned list and does not require a therapeutic use exemption.

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