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It's pretty here, but not showy: a two-bed-room ranch house on top of a mountain, with picture windows on either side of the room, front and back, so that the country shines through; roses in front, small pool in back.Slip him a question, wait for an answer, and it comes back in comic tongues, a smoke screen, a camouflage.

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And as long as both parties in a dating relationship are ignorant of these facts, they can get along just fine.

In the case of Mormonism, I have articles posted on the Web site that detail the official teachings of this religion, documented by direct quotations from its "prophets and apostles." See Mormonism for a list of these articles.

Is he an costar, Pam Dawber, when she talks about his anxiety attacks during the early days of the show.

which made rainbow suspenders and "Na-noo, na-noo" part of the cultural landscape, folded, leaving Robin in that precarious career slot, Guy Who Used to Have His Own Show."What is he, this Robin Williams," Robin Williams will cackle and say.

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