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For this example a Polycom Sound Point IP 650 SIP handset is used although the steps are similar for any supported device running the UC 4.0.1 software.

A standard web browser is used to to remotely connect to the phone to import the configuration file.

The official Polycom Lync integration documentation covers in detail how to handle provisioning of the standard SIP phones as well as how to further define Lync integration settings.

Additionally there is also a feature profile document which also lists the supported features and devices.

Thus for the tire kickers and pilot testers out there this article will simmer down all of those provisioning steps into the most basic components and outline exactly how to register a single device to a Lync server.

The basic Lync Integration capabilities are introduced in the UC 4.0.1 firmware release which runs on various Sound Point IP, Sound Station IP, Spectra Link, and Business Media Phones.

This template is divided into a few branches which are totally irrelevant to it’s actual operation.

Furthermore native Lync Phone Edition devices will automatically download this same certificate during initial provisioning processes.

Polycom has recently announced native Lync support for a wide variety of standard SIP phone devices which all run on the same Polycom Unified Communications Software (UCS) software release.

This means that the large variety of Sound Point IP, Sound Station IP, Spectra Link Wireless, and VVX Business Media Phones can all now natively register directly to Lync Server, adding a variety of choices beyond the purpose-built CX device family, including the first Wi Fi endpoint supported for Lync 2010 Server.

Normally the connecting endpoint must trust the certificate authority which issued the server certificate that is used by the Lync registrar service.

Typically the Windows Lync client will automatically trust the Lync server as that server’s certificate is most often issued by an internal Windows CA.

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