Pre recorded webcam shows tube

The Info and settings tab is not currently available on mobile or tablet.

You Tube Live supports multiple simultaneous live streams.

You Tube automatically detects the stream resolution and frame rate.

When you are live, we’ll transcode to lower resolutions so all of your fans can enjoy your stream no matter the quality of their Internet connection.

Many may not know but pre-recorded content can be used to set up live stream event to rank higher.Remember, each live stream will also need to be individually started and stopped. You can now live stream from the main You Tube App on mobile.After a mobile live stream ends, an archive of the stream is created on your channel and you’ve the option to edit the privacy setting (including setting it to private) or delete the archive.The second set of terms I want to cover are vector art vs. Raster art is made of a certain number of pixels and vector art is based on mathematical calculations.In other words, raster art cannot be enlarged without losing quality and vector art does not use pixels and therefore is resolution-independent.

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