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The price is a little high compared to the original (at least here in Canada). They took the original and made an Extreme version of the same scent, but made it more bold, deeper and fuller than the original.The original has a freshness to it, where this one is more on the dark side.To me this one smells better, and it performs very well! If you like perfumes that smell on vanille ( pure havanne, tobacco vanille, armani - stronger with you ) then this one will be perfect.It is not simmilar to original Spicebomb, so don't expect that kind of smell.Do you identify with the 20-something year old player called Viktor Spicebombus who goes clubbing with an unbuttoned shirt and blazer, constantly trying new methods to pick up chicks? really really regret that I bought's not cheap though If this is what you designers created as an Extreme, i'm really disappointed.. A stronger tobacco note than the original Spicebomb.Or are you Viktor's slightly older brother, Rolf Extremus Spicebombus, who, despite his ridiculous name, is the classy guy in a suit who drinks whiskey on the rocks, and effortlessly flirts with the business lady in the corner of a bar? @razmale_kl: Lol, maybe you shouldn't use sweet winter fragrances in hot weather. Uomo Salvatore and TM Pure Havane project 3x times better than this, which is only an EDT compare to this EDP?? I think I prefer the original more, although I haven't tried it in a few years and there are several comments about a reformulation. Very disappointed with this version, I make a mistake of watching an youtube channel and she said this one is better than spicebomb so I blindbought it after running out of my bottle of spicebomb original, the spiciness is not as refined as spicebomb original, very annoying and I just want to wash it out instantly, the tobacco notes is also too "extreme".

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I really wanted to like Spicebomb Extreme but it's simply too synthetic and cloying for my liking, even with just 1 spray.for sure it smell good, but i do not find nothing noticeable on it. to me there is a face of this scent that i cannot identify but that remind me of something old (the same i noticed with tom ford noir extreme) 7,5/10 A delightful perfume that really outshines other attempts at sweet tobacco spice.What impresses me is that the sweetness is both dominant and not overpowering. The strength of the spice is exaggerated by both the name of the perfume and many of the reviewers.It's a beautiful fragrance,there's no question about it. this one salvages the original spicebomb but alas it came a little too late after i've lost the love to this frag due to it's reformulation. I found it very similar to his younger brother original spice bomb but a far better on quality and performance i found it this perfume is very appealing and got a masculine vibe that can attract a woman's if you go closer to them Hight quality. It is well balanced : it's spicy (but not too) and it's sweet (but not too). If you are looking at Spicebomb, I recommend you buy the Extreme version.Reminds me a little bit of Noir Extreme and Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford. All in all this one fixes the spicebomb's mistake, at least it doesn't smell like soap anymore. If you have Spicebomb, no need to buy both bottles as there is just a little difference.

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