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So I order my drink and while I’m waiting, this guy who says his name is Leroy starts a conversation and we talk.

After a bit he orders me a shot of tequila which is my favorite.

I want to see you move from your fear of pain, to your most intimate desire to be taken like this.

On their next shared lover night, she backed off of the couple suck, and strapped on a big girlcock. She had whispered to him earlier that she was dying to spit-grill him while his throat was filled with a thrusting, and fully loaded man-dick.He was more than on board, since he longed for her man, more than for her.And while you do, he is going to take and fuck you too.I down it, feeling the warmth of the drink slowly going down my stomach and I don’t know about liquor or wine but I get a tingly sensation down stairs!We are having great time when we are joined by one of Leroy’s friends.

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