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It also indirectly measures CPU/GPU usage (by checking the actual frame rate of the executing app).

In the sections below, I'll begin by discussing memory management guidelines, with sub-topics listed in alphabetical order.

When you test the movie by publishing the SWF file, you'll see an example of stuttering animation.

There are two main components that determine Flash performance: CPU/GPU usage and memory usage.

I also discovered that using callback functions used less memory and ran more efficiently than using events.

(See the test files in the sample files folder: Memory use increased when you apply a dynamic filter.

Additionally, the absolute numbers are usually not important.

It is the change in frame rate and/or memory use over time that is important for debugging and optimization.

Some optimization adjustments applied to improve one aspect will have a negative impact on the other.

More detailed memory features are planned for future releases, coming soon.

In the meantime, if you discover memory issues on the target platform, you can use the MT class to debug your app and resolve issues.

However, as you read through this article, remember that memory management affects CPU/GPU usage, so the recommendations listed in the memory management section work in tandem with the tips listed in the CPU/GPU section.

Before providing the specific best practices you can use, I think it is also helpful to include information about the techniques so that you can learn which are the easiest or hardest to implement.

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