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Para isso, criaram o “Shiduch”, ou encontro, com a intenção de promover encontros amorosos entre jovens de forma que eles não se conhecessem anteriormente.O primeiro evento de Speed Dating aconteceu no Pete’s Café, em Beverly Hills.O Speed Dating, ou “Encontro Rápido” em português, surgiu no final do século XX, mais precisamente em 1998 nos Estados Unidos.

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The moniker is a tribute to the day when Brian, Mike, Qwanell, Robert, and Will went from unknowns to stars.A prática do Speed Dating deixou de ser exclusivamente voltada para o público judeu, foi ganhando espaço e tornou-se popular principalmente nos Estados Unidos, Europa, China e Austrália.Transformou-se em uma forma de criar relacionamentos entre diferentes pessoas, de forma divertida e eficiente.Says Q, ”There hasn’t been a really strong male vocal group since the 90’s and that’s what our vibe is. DAY26 ‘s R&B jones fuels the first single, “Got Me Going.” Produced by Mario Winans, “Got Me Going”’s sultry, fired-up groove gets under your skin, and its lyrics are just as smoking.”It’s about feenin' over a female,” Robert explains. DAY26 gets a chance to show its versatility with the heartbreaking “Are We In This Together.” “It’s about a breakup; telling the female that since you’ve been gone my life is so different,” Q offers. You can hear the emotions and the pain because it’s dealing with something we can all relate to.” One listen to DAY26 and you can hear the quintet’s dedication, talent, and soulfulness. It’s like a fraternity.” They all hail from different cities but DAY26 all share a lifelong love of music and a desire to entertain.

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