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The students chose topics they feel passionate about, says Grade 7 Dean Jin Lee.

After two months of recovery in a hospital, he decided to return to Middlebury’s snowy, hilly campus, where he found that his relationships with his friends were unchanged; they were part of the same team.Glasgow said—such instincts kept people alive at the beginning of human history. He challenged students to interrupt the cycle of oppression by rejecting prejudice and discrimination.Problems arise from stereotypes that are based in fear of differences, which are used by people in power to oppress others. Chair and Founder of the National Diversity Practitioners Institute, Mr.Students broke into their advisory groups for an activity to help them define the different stages in the cycle of oppression: fear of difference, stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, institutional oppression and internalized oppression.“Our identities help us understand who we are, and they are often positive, but issues surrounding identity can also cause a lot of heartache,” Mr.

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