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You can select all protected images from the camera, for example, or choose shots that you rated in-camera instead.

Once you’ve selected the desired thumbnails you can choose to show only the selected images in the EOS Utility window.

If your camera doesn’t talk to your computer then you may need to ensure that the correct setting is selected in the camera’s communication menu; normally this will be set to ‘Normal’ or ‘PC connect’ (it's worth checking your user manual to be sure).

Once the correct settings are made, launch the EOS Utility and switch on the camera. Manually downloading images from a memory card can be a slow and tedious process - selecting a location, creating folders, working out a naming scheme... The EOS Utility speeds up the importing and storing process and makes it more efficient.

Even typing a name on an EOS 650D’s touch sensitive screen can be fiddly due to its relatively small size.

Once you’ve connected your camera to your computer, launch the EOS Utility software and go to the Camera Settings/Remote Shooting panel.

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The EOS Solutions disc that comes with every Canon DSLR contains a useful suite of tools.

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Depending on your camera model it will need to be connected to your computer by either USB or Firewire cable, through the camera’s Wi Fi mode (on the EOS 6D) or via WFT transmitter.

You can also use Preferences to fine-tune the way EOS Utility works in Remote Shooting mode, such as getting it to sync with the camera when you start or stop Live View.

We’ll talk more about the app’s powerful Remote Shooting options later.

After clicking the set-up menu icon you can then use your computer’s keyboard to input the Owner’s name and add Copyright details such as your website’s URL.

This information will then be stored in the metadata of all the photographs that you capture in-camera.

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