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Officers in most armies are not permitted to address a soldier as T.Most European parents cannot oblige their children to use V.They mention the possibility that this was because there were two emperors at that time (in Constantinople and Rome), but also mention that "plurality is a very old and ubiquitous metaphor for power".This usage was extended to other powerful figures, such as Pope Gregory I (590–604).For example, a child might use T to express affection for his or her parent.These choices were available not only to reflect permanent relationships, but to express momentary changes of attitude.

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Speakers developed greater flexibility of pronoun use by redefining relationships between individuals.

For this reason, the pronouns were traditionally defined as the pronoun of either condescension or intimacy (T) and the pronoun of reverence or formality (V).

Brown and Gilman argue that modern usage no longer supports these definitions.

Under a broader classification, T and V forms are examples of honorifics.

This was a historical and contemporary survey of the uses of pronouns of address, seen as semantic markers of social relationships between individuals.

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