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One of them, a genius inventor, gets a fusion reactor up and running in a building that just happens at mile 25 of the marathon, the day before the marathon, with unexpected consequences. Along the way, readers learn quantum mechanics, astrophysics, the elusive "Theory of Everything," Internet history, a bit of Russian language, a lot of chess, what it takes to train for and then run Marine Corps Marathon, and how three families show their love in three very different ways.

For awards, please bring a gift to share (no used socks allowed).

For more information, please contact James Scarborough at 703-536-7764 or e-mail to [email protected] Sun Gazette staff writer Jay Jacob Wind published his first novel on December 9, a techno-thriller entitled "The Man Who Stole The Sun," available now on Amazon Kindle.

Written in style of the TV show "24" and set entirely in Arlington, the suspenceful story revolves around three Arlington runners planning to run Marine Corps Marathon the next day.

His training consists of a two-hour run in the pre-dawn hours every morning and speed training with Potomac Valley Track Club every Monday and Wednesday night.

Coincidentally, his photo is on the cover of this month's Race Packet magazine, and he has clinched victory in Race Packet's 2017 Grand Prix race series.

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