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They fall sick at six o’clock in the morning, and by six o’clock in the afternoon, they are dead.We never had anything like this before." Aerial spraying in some cases has inadvertently drifted onto crops such as coffee, yucca, and rice.Luis Naranjo, director of international programs at the American Bird Conservancy, a U. advocacy group, also points to the risks from aerial spraying for the survival of Colombia’s birds, including 500 species in the Putumayo region alone.An indigenous leader from Putumayo concurs: "It is strange what happens with the birds."Even our own products aren’t doing well," said an indigenous leader from the Putumayo. It begins right after they spray." The effects on livestock are also severe, as pigs and chickens have died in large numbers, and cattle have suffered from hair loss and, on occasion, are found dead after contact with contaminated grass or water. Offsite exposure from spray drift is probable." However, the report also claims, "This [the eradication program’s] proposed use of glyphosate itself does not appear to pose a significant direct risk to terrestrial or aquatic animals, although secondary adverse effects from the temporary loss of habitat in the spray area could occur."[8] The report’s data to determine anticipated effects to animals were based on North American species."For example, the coffee and cocoa crops were good 15 months ago, but not any more. The papayas that we plant grow and flower, but the leaves die. According to a Shuar leader from the Sucumbíos region of Ecuador: "The animals are more sensitive to the effects of spraying, they have disappeared. The fragile species of the Amazon, however, may be more sensitive to environmental disruptions than North American species.Now, when I visit areas of fumigation, it’s like someone poured gasoline and lit a match." This assessment is confirmed by the government report, which states: "Glyphosate is classified as toxicity category III [category I is considered the most toxic] for primary eye irritation and toxicity category IV for acute dermal and oral toxicity, and skin irritation . The product has been determined to be toxicity category I for eye irritation, causing irreversible eye damage."[4] It is important to note that the herbicides used in Colombia are more concentrated and are applied in greater doses than the maximum levels recommended in the United States. and Colombia governments repeatedly deny the harmful properties of the herbicide, local residents tell a different story.The complaints of inhabitants of southern Colombia are at the center of the controversy. Their complaints, as well as corroboration from some scientists, have prompted the governments to reconsider their official positions. The aerial spraying program associated with Plan Colombia began on December 19, 2000.

The palm trees not only sustain other plants and animals, but they also provide fiber for clothes and roofing, as well as food and water, to local indigenous groups.Between 20, coca production increased by 25 percent.[1] New coca crops planted in more remote areas after the spraying can explain most of the increase and produces a vicious cycle: Primary forest is cut to plant coca, which is then sprayed, leading to more forest being cut.The net result is the loss of hundreds of thousands of acres of primary forests with little reduction of coca plants. In legislation approved early in 2002, Senator Patrick J.Clouds and rainwater containing glyphosate have contaminated the palm trees, leaving them without their useful sponge-like properties and causing them to dry out.Regional contamination is also a worry; much of the coca cultivation occurs along waterways in the Colombian Amazon, so much of the spraying occurs near rivers that flow into Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.

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