Rich woman speed dating

Another recurring theme in Taylor’s love life is that the guys she dates seem to drop her in sudden, callous ways (i.e. Taylor paints the guys out to be the bad ones, but as we’ve said before, when a guy feels a needy energy coming from a woman, he will want to get away from her and get out of the situation as quickly as possible.Neediness is a death sentence for any relationship.A bad boy doesn’t just wake up one day and decide he no longer wants to be bad.That may happen in movies, but it definitely ain’t real life.In reality, we find ourselves drawn to the mean, troubled guys who can’t be bothered while secretly holding onto the hope that we’ll be the one to get him to change his evil ways. If a guy is a known womanizer with a reputation for breaking hearts (ahem, John Mayer), then there’s a high probability he will also break your heart.One of the most essential rules when it comes to relationship is you can’t enter into a relationship with a dream or an ideal, you get into a relationship with an actual person. Maybe at some point he’ll change his ways, but unless he’s at that point right now you’d be best advised to stay far away.

Guys need an incentive to commit to a relationship, they need to clearly see that life as a bachelor pales significantly in comparison to the life they have with their girl. Instead, she feeds right into the fears most men have of being trapped and suffocated by a relationship.

It can manifest for all sorts of reasons but most often it occurs because the girl has some internal void that she believes can only be filled by a man.

Taylor seems to always be dating someone, leaving little breathing room as she goes from one guy to the next.

Instead, she latches on the second a guy shows any interest.

From what I’ve read, Taylor tends to get a bit overzealous when a new relationship starts to bloom.

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