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Scholars who favor this argument may draw on the fact that the author of Acts included ample and detailed descriptions of Paul's earlier trials, and they observe that he would have done the same with the Roman trial if that had been possible.In addition, the so-called "we-sections" (those places where the first person plural pronoun is used) imply that the author of Acts was present with Paul on a number of important occasions.Hollywood are training young Gentile children to perform acts of debauchery that bring in big bucks for them.

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Your synagogue buddies sink their hooks into their prey when they’re young like Hannah Montana. In what direction will perversion-peddling Jews take us next in their ever-expanding efforts to usher in increasingly foul and degenerate forms of entertainment?An early date for Acts has been favored by many conservative and evangelical Christians, who emphasize the eye-witness character of its contents and, on that basis, assume the historical reliability of the book as a whole.Most modern scholars who write about Acts favor an intermediate date, i.e., c. 90 CE, and they cite a number of factors to support this dating. Tyson Professor emeritus of Religious Studies Southern Methodist University April 2011 The range of proposed dates for Acts is quite wide, from c. Within this range of dates, three are prominent in the scholarly literature: an early, an intermediate, and a late date.Some scholars prefer an early date, i.e., the early 60's of the first century.

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