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This success prompted NBC to move the series to the competitive - Sunday evening time period for the second season as The NBC Sunday Mystery Movie.

In addition, a fourth show was added to the rotation, lasting two seasons (1972–74): Rescheduling to Tuesday nights as The NBC Tuesday Mystery Movie during January 1974 was not enough to help boost ratings, and the midweek series was canceled.

The first series created under this agreement was The Name of the Game, a drama with three rotating stars.

It was followed by The Bold Ones and Four in One (the similar The Men was produced for ABC and involved series from three studios, although one of them was Universal).

In 1989, Universal Television and ABC teamed to launch a revival of the mystery wheel, titled the ABC Mystery Movie.In the fall of 1993, NBC made an attempt to revive the wheel format, this time called The NBC Friday Night Mystery. None of these series aired more than a handful of installments, unlike the 1970s wheel wherein Columbo, for example, aired around eight episodes per season.As originally conceived, this rotation was supposed to include the Mac Shayne series, with Kenny Rogers; Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers in a reprise of the Hart to Hart series; Larry Hagman in Staying Afloat, as a bankrupt millionaire who becomes a jet-setting government operative; Richard Crenna as New York City Police Lieutenant of Detectives Frank Janek, continuing a series of films that had begun in 1988; and Bill Cosby's first few Cosby Mysteries. (The Cosby Mysteries would continue for another season as a standalone series.) One major component of the wheel was slated to be the Perry Mason series of TV movies that had begun in 1985 and had aired on an occasional basis ever since.Perry Mason star Raymond Burr died after filming only the first of six scheduled films for the wheel series, although NBC aired a few more films starring either Paul Sorvino or Hal Holbrook as lawyers who were friends of Mason. and Mc Millan and Wife have also been seen in syndication in the past and still do air on various stations from time to time.Reruns of some episodes of the Wednesday and Sunday Mystery Movies were previously seen as part of The CBS Late Movie, beginning in January 1975, with Banacek being the first of the series to be repeated. As of 2014, Vision TV in Canada broadcasts Columbo episodes each Thursday night at pm.

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