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The biggest impact is in heart disease, the world's greatest killer, with owning Britain's favourite pet reducing early deaths rates by a staggering 36 per cent, the research adds.Researchers believe canine pets also help to lower loneliness, which has been described as 'akin to a chronic long-term condition' and linked to disorders including heart disease and dementia.Even when it is clear the troublemaker isn't marriage material, roses continue to be doled out his or her way.For reference: The "dolphin/shark," Alexis Waters, lingered in the friend zone until Viall dumped her in the sixth week; and the violent Chad Johnson stuck around until week four of Jojo Fletcher's This is not Yancey's first reality TV rodeo — and he and Blake E. Yancey has an IMDb page with acting credits for several unscripted and scripted gigs.As well as offering companionship and boosting non-human interactions, dogs also encourage their owners to exercise via walks, the researchers add.

Prices may vary depending on the domain extension you select. Domain renewal rates will be available through your control panel.Research has long associated dog ownership with good health but this study is 100 times larger than any previous trial of its kind, he adds.Professor Fall said: 'We know dog owners in general have a higher level of physical activity, which could be one explanation to the observed results.'Other explanations include an increased wellbeing and social contacts or effects of the dog on the bacterial microbiome (gut bacteria) in the owner.''Dogs may be beneficial in reducing cardiovascular risk by providing a non-human form of social support and increasing physical activity.'Dog ownership has been reported to be associated with alleviation of social isolation and improved perception of wellbeing, particularly in single persons and the elderly.The findings were published in the journal Scientific Reports.Senior author Professor Tove Fall believes single dog owners may walk more and have increased interaction with others.

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