Rules about dating friends exes

And they will always make sure to shove this in your face. Technology makes it so much easier for psychopaths to manipulate through triangulation.It can be as simple as liking a comment from an old ex, while ignoring one from you.They once claimed that they were a broken person, and that you were the reason they were happy again.But now, they turn to private friendships or past relationships that you could “never understand”.Often—if not always—that ex is someone they first claimed was abusive and unstable.

Covert abuse is impossible to prove, because it’s always strategically ambiguous.

They will post strategically ambiguous statuses, songs, and videos that suggest you might be “losing” them.

They will share things that are intentionally meant to lure in new & old targets. Or the love song that they once shared with their ex.

Then, they create triangles that stimulate rivalry and raise their perceived value.

(Adapted from “The Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene).

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