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Amina Tyler (real name Amina Sboui), a Tunisian Femen activist, was arrested on in Tunis.International protests followed for her release from detention.On 12 June 2013 a Tunisian judge convicted two French Femen members and one German Femen member after they were charged with public indecency while protesting for the release of Tyler.Femen had staged protests in front of the Grand Mosque of Paris burning a Tawhid flag.In August 2016, a branch of Femen launched in the United States of America, based in Seattle, Washington and led by Jordan Robson.To date, their most notable action has been a protest held at the polling station of Donald J Trump in New York, New York on November 8th, 2016.The organization describes itself as "fighting patriarchy in its three manifestations - sexual exploitation of women, dictatorship and religion" However, according to the 2013 documentary by Kitty Green, Ukraine Is Not a Brothel, Femen was founded by Viktor Sviatsky.

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Founded in Ukraine, the group is now based in Paris.In December 2012 Femen "warned" the European Union "to stop immediately political, economic and cultural contacts with Gazprom-Kremlin's dictatorship"; because "dependence on Nord Stream will bring Europe to an economic collapse and the abolition of visas requirements for Russians threatens Europe with a cultural Armageddon".An 8 April 2013 "topless ambush" of Russian President Vladimir Putin (accompanied by German Chancellor Angela Merkel) at the Hanover trade fair was described by Alexandra Shevchenko as "non-violent women protesting against the most dangerous dictator in the world, it got great coverage and will hopefully inspire people in Russia as well as helping us to recruit new members".The sentences were far lighter than those recommended by the state prosecutor, who had called for prison sentences of five to seven years for eight of the men.The protesters accused the French authorities of tolerating the rape of minors.

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