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Cable armor covers 0.25” diameter polyurethane jacketed cable with twisted, shielded pair wires. X = armor length in meters; Min: 0005 (0.5 m) Max: 0595 (59.5 m) YYY.Connector pre-installed on one end, flying leads on other end. Y = cable length in meters; Min: 0010 (1.0 m) Max: 0600 (60.0 m) Cable length must be at least 0.5m longer than armor length.Most of the remainder of what became Saudi Arabia reverted to traditional tribal rule.For much of the 10th century the Isma'ili-Shi'ite Qarmatians were the most powerful force in the Persian Gulf.

The history before the foundation of Saudi Arabia divided into two phases: pre-Islam and after Islam.

Al-Magar is prehistoric civilisation that was founded in the center of the Arabian Peninsula, particularly in Najd.

Al-Magar is where the first domestication of animals occurred, particularly the horse, during the Neolithic period.

Arabia soon became a more politically peripheral region of the Muslim world as the focus shifted to the vast and newly conquered lands.

From the 10th century to the early 20th century Mecca and Medina were under the control of a local Arab ruler known as the Sharif of Mecca, but at most times the Sharif owed allegiance to the ruler of one of the major Islamic empires based in Baghdad, Cairo or Istanbul.

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