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Reboot, and ensure that the driver stays as installed.

Step 3 : Block driver update for that device In Windows 10 (Version 1607 - Redstone - Anniversary Update), you can now set a group policy to not install driver updates by default.

Step 1 : Find device hardware ID In Device Manager, right-click on the device, choose Properties, then in the Details tab set Property to Hardware Ids and copy the displayed id.

Step 2 : Install your driver Disconnect the computer from the Internet, go again into Device Manager, uninstall the driver installed by Windows and install your own.

Every time Windows 10 runs updates (which I see no way to control), it updates my graphics driver. It's just that the comments are temporary and may be [email protected] Phi - If you post an answer ( or edit the answer that was deleted )with the full resolution contained within an answer I will award a 100 reputation bounty to it.

@Nor Phi, you should repost the answer and declare that you don't work for Microsoft. And also ask it not to be deleted as the link is the answer and it would be useful to others.

@#$ on anything in an iframe until the beginning of the week. Bypass_your_cache The idea is to bypass your browser's cache.

However Crixilian posted a solution I didn't found.

As @Erik Reppen asked, are you using a server or just opening files.

If it is the former I would recommend using a free web hosting site 000webhost or create a local environment with something like xampp Also try not-IE any time strange things happen : ) Been at this 6 years and didn't know anything about IE's obsession with the p3p standard leading it to basically !

If it's possible to unclouple drivers by changing the hardware settings in System properties, that might be more convenient.

One can block Windows Update from updating one particular device.

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