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SESHAT: GLOBAL HISTORY DATABANK ➞ will enable us to test a range of hypotheses about the evolution of social complexity, including the role of rituals in that process.

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Seshat Queen Tut crowned herself well before she began performing for the public, but it didn’t take long for the confident emcee to gain loyal subjects.Feel the light moving continuously throughout the Rose Cross.Trace the way the energy moves, with your mind, with a finger in the air or drawing it in the sand. With deepest love and blessings to All, Joanna & Ashura, and star family of the Ashtar Command & Intergalactic Confederation.Salali, Gul Deniz, Harvey Whitehouse, and Michael E. A Life-Cycle Model of Human Social Groups Produces a U-Shaped Distribution in Group Size. Richerson, Edward Slingerland, Peter Turchin, Harvey Whitehouse, Thomas Widlok, and David S.

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