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The distillery claims to be the first new distillery in Dublin for over 125 years, commencing spirit production in early 2015.

But the brand has much older roots with the Teeling family first distilling in the city in 1782.

In Mulligan’s words: “What started out as an interest in the illicit turned into a total obsession, a determination to bring this epic piece of Irish culture out of the underground and to the modern world.” Recommended served neat, over ice, or as a boilermaker when paired with a pint (Guinness would be a good choice), you’ll get aromas of toasted bread, and a little greenness, followed by a tingle of pepperiness.

A lingering velvety finish adds a little softness, but that pepper bite is still there.

Shake with egg white, lemon juice and sugar syrup for a really excellent sour.

However, the overall impression is fruity, with a hint of wood, and some wine-like notes.

As Glendalough says: “Mix it, cut it, sip or straight shot it.

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