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And then of course SB is the new thing but did not work for me as do not have the patience.Frankly my regulars are much more fun and better value and more open minded and accommodating!I continue to have a fondness for York which has a certain integrity and lack of pretence and Seaview which in my view still has the best band in town!And good contingent of Viets and Africans nearly as good as Sheikh Zayed road but at better pricing.Folks During the year never paid more than Dhs 900 for full night, though have paid for tickets, doctors, police fine, sent money to regulars at home of course so the average may be a bit higher.But they all balanced the books with free or extra service.The Philippine I only indulge in the semi pro and this year has been a year of discovery amazing just treat them well, take them out for a drink or a meal (modest places) and always have a stock of Jack Daniels then they are all over you. Though of course there is the typical Philipine problem always looking for something extra.The best is that they bring their friends they send pics and ask if they can bring a friend and they all put out non pro pricing and quite a few of them are bi (or at least pretend convincingly) which has pretty much become a mandatory requirement for me. The father is in hospital and kid school fees is required so please give me money this happens always took advice from fellow monger as one of them as very convincing (and damn good in bed) but still dropped her when she came with an urgent requirement for large amount of cash- surprisingly she is back again after a month.

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As the for overall scene, it seems to have slowed down. Never been to the UAE, but I assume the girls have them or they can be purchase. I'll be in Nepal for a month, so if you know anything about that country let me know. There is always somebody available without fuss and frankly they have never asked how much or how many shots.The Healys Bar, Moven pick in JLT, Hilton Garden Inn in JBR, China Grill, Lock Stock Barrel, Habtoor Grand, Tora tora in Grosvenor- any of these places on ladies night are fun. Typically, my regular finds the girl and brings her the high point of this was that she found a black bi girl!! Young, fresh and unspoilt by the business grind and very GFE. Though the grass is always greener on the other side my experience is that old familiar tends to work out better!! The second theme is that I have really gone off the Stans (other than my regulars) they generally drink too much, bored, greedy, overpriced and generally with too many issues avoid. Once in Dubai a Ukrainian girl asked me if I can take her back to my hotel I said how much? I busy out laughing I Said not unless your pussy is made if diamonds and gold.And do visit York which is unique and of course Seaview great music. The past year have discovered the Viets, Philipine, and Chinese wow they are great and better alternative to Stans. Is it possible to find a girl who would act as my guide around the city then come back to my hotel? Let me tell you Gentleman's Philippines, Indonesia is heaven for mongers.I have seen many young Indon's with perfect hips, boobs and legs, but don't find this much in Philippines it Thailand. Let me tell you Gentleman's Philippines, Indonesia is heaven for mongers.I am against free mongering, means you trap a girl in your love spell and fuck her for free and move to next, it's a bad practice. I hate Jakarta, it's too much congested but it's good to go once. Let's say 6000 AED you can't finish in a month even you take a different girl home everyday.

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