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They burst out laughing at my face and kept asking me if I was really surprised (I was) and telling me how much they’d had to lie to make it happen (not their style).

I felt so very loved in those moments, enveloped in this wide adopted family of mine. ” I half-heartedly protested, happily devouring cake without the assistance of a man feeding it to me. ” 30 in New York City is quite different from 30 in my Guyanese village.

I wanted to murmur reassurances through his overwhelming first few minutes.

In the end, I relayed them to his utterly spent, utterly incredible mother.

I am delighted to tell them because I am here to show them that women like me exist. Have never depended on a man for my future nor allowed one to dictate my present.

Have earned a bachelor’s degree and plan to go back to earn a master’s.

(Superheroes, all.) I never expected to witness one, barring the births of my own potential future children.I first encountered this at a little girl’s party where a priest did the honors; I was uncomfortably reminded of a wedding reception.The day before my birthday trip, it rained and rained and rained. A friend called me and told me she wanted to come by and take me to the landing.Sometimes, when asked, I feel guilty relating these kinds of details, thinking to myself, “But how… The odds are so stacked against them.” Then, I am approached by a young mother who asks me how to reliably prevent pregnancy for the next five or so years of her life (I recommend an IUD).By a teenager who wants to know how to apply to foreign universities; she wants to be an engineer.

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